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Choosing the best business listing sites in Canada.


No need to hop between websites. Find all local services near you in one spot on this local services marketplace.

Trust and Safety

We're the best local business marketplace in Canada. Each service provider is checked and reviewed by us.

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We've created this local services marketplace in Canada to back nearby businesses and the economy by hiring local pros.

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We're all about clarity and assistance in the local services marketplace. We provide great support for both local businesses and service users, helping you every step of the way.

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We're the go-to for local marketplace and businesses, dedicated to supporting them and building a strong online marketplace for the local businesses community.

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We're the top online marketplace in Canada. We thoroughly check service providers before they join Arounds to ensure quality and reliability.

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Arounds FAQs fOR local services marketplace:

Common questions

This is a well-structured, organized,  and powerful local business marketplace to showcase your services to a wide audience, helping you reach more potential customers and grow your client base in your area.

Local businesses can easily join us by signing up and creating a profile that highlights your services, expertise, and contact information. It’s a straightforward process that allows businesses to start connecting with customers quickly.

Arounds.ca features a diverse range of local services, including home repair, landscaping, cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, and much more. Whether you need a handyman, a pet sitter, or a personal trainer, you can find it on this local service marketplace.

We thoroughly vet and verify all local businesses before listing them on the platform. This includes checking licences, certifications, and customer reviews to ensure that users can trust the professionals they hire through the website.

Yes, you can leave reviews and ratings for the local businesses you hire through us. This helps other users and businesses themselves.

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